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The uncertainty of nature.

Born in Maryland and have lived in various places within the US. Currently residing in Edgewater, MD.

Graduated from Anne Arundel Community College and Maryland College of Art with an Associates of Arts, Fine Arts, Visual and Graphics Arts degree.

Artist, designer, lover of Metal music (70’s-current), writer, botanist, shadow walker, silent observer, fascinated with occult theories, mysticism and many things cryptic and symbolic.

I have always loved incorporating beautiful women in my drawings and paintings. In the beginning of my artistic journey these women reflected vulnerability and finding their way in the world. As my own world expanded the women in my art evolved into stronger, confident, sexy women with an edgy and mysterious but likeable nature.

As an artist I am inspired by the uncertainty of nature and the nature of people. I like to mix it all up, experimenting to create a feeling, a thought, a mood, sometimes playful, peaceful, and maybe even disturbing. Just as nature is diverse I approach my art in the same way.

My portfolio reveals the breadth of my interests. Favorite mediums are gouache, color pencils, pen and ink, acrylic, charcoal and unconventional materials. Each piece reflects my inquisitive nature and hopefully entices the viewer to take a closer look.

“I hope that my art helps others to be open and not to pre-judge or take for granted each other and this fascinating world.” MKC

Meagan Crable 2018